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Turkmenistan to EU

Scholarships are provided to specific Target Groups and must be a citizen of one of the CA countries:
  • Target Group 1, students must be registered in a Central Asian HEI within the gSmart partnership at the time of submitting their application. Staff must work in or be associated to one of the gSmart Partners Universities.
  • Target Group 2, students must be registered in a university in their home country or another third country concerned by the lot (KZ, KG, TJ, TM, UZ) or must have obtained a university degree or equivalent from an institution of these third-countries. Staff working in non-partner CA university.

Total Mobility TM to EU:

Third country  Under-
Masters Doctorates Post-doctorates Staff TOTAL
Turkmenistan 2 5 3 2 2 14

Mobility Type/Level, Target Groups and Duration:

Turkmenistan Target Group
Duration / months per person Target Group
Duration / months per person
2 5    
Masters 3 24 2 24
Doctorates 2 12 1 10
Post-doctorates 2 10    
Staff 2 1    
TOTAL 11   3