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Level & Duration

gSmart Bachelor level mobility shall typically not exceed one semester, MSc mobility shall aim at completing MSc studies in Europe, most commencing with the beginning of the second year (late in cohort 1).   PhD mobility will require an advanced proposal and project, joint supervision between EU and CA partners, and a high probability to complete within the project timeframe. Will typically be reserved for experienced partner country HEI faculty. Postdoc mobility will be used as a selective, flexible instrument to advance research and supervision experience and to develop leadership. PhD and Postdoc scholars will be involved in co-teaching and team teaching at host HEIs.

Admin mobility will be short term and usually be implemented as a moving assignment through a number of office and admin functions including management of credit records, feeding into QA procedures, contributing to outreach and promotion and ongoing student / participant liaison, plus course management.
Mobility to CA, type 1: graduate students working on their thesis, co-teaching practical skills and methodologies at host universities, aiming at reaching out to multiple host country HEI, assisting with preparing future applicants for student mobility to EU.
Mobility to CA, type 2: short term teaching visits, courses prepared and taught in partnership with local HEI teachers.