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Grantees in Europe: gSmart Scholars Picture "Show"



Applicant Information / Promotion at CA partner universities
  • Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, presentation of gSmart and call 4, 16th and 28th September by Umed Ulugoff. (photos)
  • Osh State University: On September 7, 2014 a seminar was held for the graduate students.  The seminar was organized by the coordinator from Osh State University Abdurashit Nizamiev and contact person Gulzina Daniyarova. (photos)
  • Osh Technological University & Osh State University: gSmart Call 4 promotion (photos: 1, 2, 3)
  • Osh Technological University, presentation of Bolotbek Zhorobekov, telling students about gSmart program  September 22, 2014:
  • Information on project  included in the website of the Faculty of International Relations OSU:
  • Osh Technological University, Bolotbek Zhorobekov: gSmart videoaired on May 14, 2014,  by 3 local TV companies in KG: "Piramida", "Osh-Pirim", "Bashat". 
  • Call 2 promotion, Khorog State University by Shomamadova Zubayda & Olga Sayfulloeva, January, 2014, TJ
  • Applicant Info Video  en - ru

gSmart Consortium Picture "Show"