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Reserve Listed / Waiting List

Please be aware there  is a small chance to get a scholarship as reserve listed applicant! 'Invitation for more applications than limits of free scholarships!'

Applicants who had been put to the reserve list can be promoted to the corresponding main list should any candidate of the main list drop out (following the rules and procedure of the EACEA). Candidates to be promoted will be directly contacted by the gSmart Project office.

Selection of Applicants and Reserve List
  a. PhD, PostDoc, Staff – contact host and submit a research plan - to agree upon your research/study visit                     activities and travel details: 
2) Pre-Selection of Candidates by National Contacts
3) Online interview by host university
4) Selection of Candidates and Reserve Listed Candidates through Selection Committee
    a. Scholarship holders
    b. Reserve List holders (can be promoted to main list, if a scholar withdraws a scholarship, means cannot start)