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gSmart offered 16 PhD level scholarships, with a duration of 10 to 12 months. PhD mobility required a proof of admission and registration for PhD program at home or host university, a written confirmation of academic supervision at the home university, a written confirmation of academic supervision at host university, as well as a detailed description of research interests including following information: subject, methods, aims, publications and schedule for the planned research activities.
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ScholarResearchHost UniversityE-portfolio
ScholarResearchHost UniversityE-portfolio
Rahim Kulenbekov Spatial Planning Babeş Bolyai University e-portfolio 
Tatygul Urmambetova Remote Sensing Babeș Bolyai University e-portfolio 
Qurbonsho Gadoliev GIS & Botany Babeș Bolyai University e-portfolio 
Jahongir Mashokirov GIS & Tourism University of Malaga e-portfolio 
Muzaffar Matchanov Remote Sensing University of Malaga e-portfolio 
Samira Zoiri GIS & Tourism University of Malaga e-portfolio 
Ainur Temirgaliyeva Automatization & Control University of Malaga e-portfolio 
Alua Turginbayeva Cryptographic Security Protection University of Malaga e-portfolio 
Ilkhomjon Abdullaev GIS & Cartography University of Salzburg e-portfolio 
Shavkat Prenov Remote Sensing University of West Hungary e-portfolio 
Akylbek Chymyrov GNSS University of West Hungary e-portfolio 
Yerkin Kakimzhanov GIS & Cartography University of West Hungary e-portfolio 
Aizhan Narieva GIS & Forestry University of West Hungary e-portfolio 
Erik Zheentaev Remote Sensing University of West Hungary e-portfolio 
Rahimjon Nazirzoda GIS & Irrigation Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam e-portfolio 
Azizjon Ruziev GIS & Surveying Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam e-portfolio 
Showing 16 items