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gSmart scholarships focus on all levels of study, with 38  Master level study opportunities inter alia aiming at faculty development at Central Asian universities and providing job opportunities. It is anticipated that these study and research mobility will in turn contribute to the enhancement of quality in teaching and learning of Geoinformatics as well as advancing research activities in this interdisciplinary domain.
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ScholarThesis TitleUniversityE-portfolioStatus
ScholarThesis TitleUniversityE-portfolioStatus
Iftikhor Ahmadbekov GLOF Risk Assessment in Pamir, Tajikistan Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Ibragim Rakhimjanov Designing and developing a Geodatabase for tourism in Pamir Mountain section of Silk Road and visualize it into a GIS web application Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Ikrom Nishanbaev Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Tourism Industry of Uzbekistan  Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Akmaral Tokbergenova Spatial concept of tourism infrastructure in Kazakhstan portion of Silk Road Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Tohir Sabzaliev Creating a geodatabase for tourism industry in Pamir Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio Teacher at KSU 
Rustam Miyliyev Spatial Database Based Web Application for Tourism Development in Turkmenistan Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Sabrina Vatanshoeva Avalanche Risk Assessment in the Pamir, Tajikistan Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio  
Yelbek Utepov Developing a Geo-located Augmented Reality Mobile Application for Paticipatory Urban Planning Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio Acting Associate Professor at ENU, KZ 
Shohabbos Sharofiddinov Touristic Potential of Uzbekistan University of Malaga e-portfolio Master Studies at Bukhara State University 
Dana Kaziyeva Evaluation of potentials for renewable energy in the power system in Kazakhstan using a GIS- based approach University of Salzburg e-portfolio PhD at PLUS 
Ayim Orynbaikyzy Development of software application for guided FAO LCCS classification in an object-based image analysis framework University of Salzburg e-portfolio Works at RSE "The State Urban Planning Cadastre", KZ 
Zabira Rakhymbay Disaggregation strategies for demographic data in Central Asian countries with special emphasis on Kazakhstan (CA_POP) University of Salzburg e-portfolio Assistant of Director of AlmatyGeoCentre; Lecturer at KazNU 
Kumushkan Abdimazhitova  University of Salzburg e-portfolio  
Gulnur Khalmurzayeva Grid based spatio-statistical analysis of Salzkammergut University of Salzburg e-portfolio Works as GIS engineer in JSC "NCSRT" 
Saadat Tashbaeva  University of Salzburg e-portfolio  
Gulnaz Bekkarnayeva Object-based Change Detection of Informal Settlements in Very High Resolution Data University of Salzburg e-portfolio Engineer-Geodesist at LLP GEoCenterInform 
Perizat Imanalieva Object-based change assessment of Petrov glacier and lake, and its surroundings between 1975 and 2014 in the Akshyirak massif, Kyrgyzstan University of Salzburg e-portfolio Teacher at KSUCTA 
Aisulu Kurmasheva  University of Salzburg e-portfolio  
Aynabat Anyyeva 3D extraction and characterization of green features in urban area using Pleiades data University of Salzburg e-portfolio  
Aigerim Mussayeva  Online Atlas for Central Asia University of Salzburg e-portfolio GIS Mapping Specialist at Tengizchevroil 
Shirinbek Mazambekov Investigation of the accuracy of different UAVs and their application University of West Hungary e-portfolio  
Ilhom Abdurahmanov Time-series analysis of Landsat imagery for monitoring grazing impact in a rangeland ecosystem of Forish district, Uzbekistan University of West Hungary e-portfolio Head of International Office at TIIM in Tashkent 
Gulden Ormanova The applications of remote sensing to investigate the environment & land cover change of ‘Dzhezkazgan’ copper mining area in Central KZ University of West Hungary e-portfolio Work at KZ GIS Center in Almaty; will start PhD 09/17 in Astana 
Elstan Mamatov Algorithm development for processing LiDAR data University of West Hungary e-portfolio  
Lukhmonjon Dadojonov Land cover classification based on different hyperspectral images University of West Hungary e-portfolio  
Tatiana Bakalova Landslide susceptibility investigations within western part of the Kyrgyz Republic based on Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing University of West Hungary e-portfolio Works at a Construction Company in KG 
Shukhrat Shokirov Change detection in Fenyőfő forest reserve based on multitemporal aerial images University of West Hungary e-portfolio PhD at Australian National University 
Rakhat Zhanusakova Remote sensing based qualification of pastures in Kyrgyzstan University of West Hungary e-portfolio  
Gadam Meredov N.A. VS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences  e-portfolio Diploma Degree Student 
Meylis Atamyradov N.A. VS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio Diploma Degree Student 
Dilorom Sangmamadova N.A. VS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences  'drop-out' 
Eziz Hudaykulyyev N.A. VS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences  'drop-out' 
Nurperi Nuralieva N.A. VS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences e-portfolio MSc student at CUAS 
Kydyr Nazarkulov N.A. VS - University of Salzburg e-portfolio GIS Analyst at Kyrgyz Centre of GIS 
Safarali Odinaev N.A. VS - University of West Hungary  'drop-out' 
Otabek Avezbaev N.A. VS - University of West Hungary e-portfolio Teacher at TABI in Tashkent 
Bobojon Gulov N.A. VS - University of West Hungary  'drop-out' 
Rovshen Charygeldiyev N.A. VS - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam e-portfolio Diploma Degree Student 
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