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Things to do first!

Step 1: Scholarship Itinerary (from – to)
Get in contact with the Host University and confirm the starting date to the Project Office and the Host!

Study plan:
- You will receive a list of available courses from your Host University; agree what classes / credits you would take during your studies

- These credits need to be accepted in your Bachelor/MSc (and this will be documented in the learning agreement)

- Fill out the learning agreement and get signatures!

Please read the gSmart Student Infopack!
Step 2: Visa Application 
Contact the embassy to get information on required documents, your national contact will help you! 

Documents issued by the Project office:
  • Invitation letter by Project Office, if needed the Host will provide an invitation letter
  • Scholarship Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Flight reservation
After receiving your visa the project office will send you the e-ticket. Further information will be send to you from your Host University!

IMPORTANT: keep all your invoices, tickets, boarding passes. A reimbursement of costs can only be given when providing a proof of your expenses!

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