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Selection & Rating

The selection procedure is established according to the minimum requirements set by the European Commission. The selection procedure guarantees the transparency of the selection process and an equitable treatment of individual applications. Initial filtering based on rating contributes to the selection procedure, and is only one part of the decision-making processesSelection Criteria and Rating Form (pdf).

 Selection of Grantees
All applications are submitted online via the project website to the application database. The applicants receive an acknowledgement of receipt via email. The Joint Coordinators and the chair of the selection committee have access to all the electronic files in the project database, whereas the partner universities contacts request to access files of applicants from their own university or applicants for their own university. Following procedure shall be proposed:
  1. The files of the applicants are first screened on a technical basis (eligibility test) by the Coordinator, within two weeks after the application deadline. 
  2. CA national coordinators do an initial filtering and shortlisting. The short list will be based on an interview by CA national contact persons for initial ‘filtering’ and then will be invited for online interviews aiming at validating submitted documentation, assessing personality and potential. The rating is based on gSmart “Criteria Items”.
    1. Applicants might be guided to undergo courses on the Esri Virtual Campus ( ). These online self-paced module based courses are an excellent means of gaining background in GIS techniques and concepts and to enhance English language skills.
  3. Host Partner Universities contacts will schedule a personal interview with highly ranked candidates via online telecommunication, based on this a decision will be made. The interview serves also as second proof of language skills.
  4. The Coordinator prepares a nomination proposal (including reserve candidates by category). Selection Committee Members and the Joint Coordinators make a final decision (Online Meeting).
  5. Upon decision by the Partnership a list of all nominated Grantees, plus reserve candidates by category, with their corresponding grants will be established to be used for invitation of Grantees. 
  6. The Coordinator is obliged to add the list of grant holders and reserve candidates to the online EM Mobility Tool.