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Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is describing the programme of study abroad and how its existence facilitates academic recognition. This document defines all classes and credits to be taken during the mobility period, any teaching obligations as well as research to be done for PhD or PostDoc candidates. To secure academic recognition and to provide a follow up (control) mechanisms the gSmart project will use in Cohort 2 the  NEW Erasmus Learning Agreement (word document)!
  • The host institution confirms that the educational components listed in the Learning Agreement are in line with its course catalogue.
  • The sending institution commits to recognise all the credits gained at the host institution for the successfully completed educational components and to count them towards the student's degree as described .
  • The student and host institution will communicate to the sending institution any problems or changes regarding the proposed mobility programme, responsible persons and/or study period.
gSmart scholars will receive a course list from the host institution for the study period abroad, and clarify full academic recognition with their home university for the study period (including examinations or other forms of assessment) spent in the host university. 
  • Learning Agreement: List of planned courses / programme of study abroad!
  • Transcript of Records: Official list of all courses completed, including information on ECTS and grades!

The Learning Agreement will need to be signed by host and home institution representatives, the grantee, and acknowledged and registered by the chair of the selection committee.

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At the end of the period of study abroad, the host university will provide the incoming student as well as the sending university with a TRANSCRIPT OF STUDY RESULTS (RECORDS) confirming that the programme has been completed. This will be individual documents issued by the host universities.