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Invitation Letter

Staff or PostDoc Mobility  - What is an invitation letter?
Is a letter from the host institution detailing the dates of the intended research/study visit and a summary of the activities to take place during the visit. The project does not provide an invitation letter template; this letter will be issued and provided by the host institution.

Why do I need an invitation letter?
You will need an invitation letter for two reasons:
  1. For proving your agreement with the host university on your research/study visit activities and travel details.
  2. For your visa application together with a scholarship award letter (=issued after successful application and selection by the project office)
Who will issue an invitation letter?
You'll need to contact the host university's contact person and agree on your visit and on your activities, and then the host contact person ( ) will issue an invitation letter!

PostDOC applicants must provide: detailed description of research interests including following information: subject, methods, aims, publications and schedule for the planned research activities:
  • Scientific contact person at host institution for your intended research (who will you be primarily working with)
  • Planned dates of research visit
  • Research proposal (1-3 pages) and title
  • Planned research activities and work plan at the host institution
  • Planned outcomes of the mobility (e.g. paper submission to a journal, conference paper, etc.)
  • List of first results of your PostDoc research activities
STAFF applicants must provide: planned work at the partner university description of proposed project or activities: training, teaching or research. Main contact person / supervisor for your work.

Please be aware, sending an across-the-board request to all EU contacts is not a good idea. You need to establish specific, targeted communication conforming with your areas of expertise and interest, supporting the intended outcomes of your visit. Act pro-actively; send a detailed plan for your visit and on your activities and make an appointment to talk to the potential host in person, e.g. using Skype!