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Individual Documentation

Grantees will be required to sign a student / faculty mobility agreement, outlining mutual obligations and expectations. This includes but is not limited to all scheduling and travel, contact and workgroup details, financial items and a confirmation to have understood all points. An e-portfolio serves as individual documentation of the study/research visit.

 Grantees will:
  • sign the GRANT AWARD, which sets out all rights and duties, e.g. development of an e-portfolio or all periods of absence must be specified in the reporting by the Grantee and reported to the host institution and the coordinator;
  • sign the LEARNING AGREEMENT, which describes the program of study abroad and helps to assure its academic recognition at the home institution;
  • receive a TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, which will be an individual record, provided by the host institution;
  • receive a monthly grant  (grant payment table - Annex to grant award); 
  • need to inform the host and the gSmart project office on travel plans;
  • need to set up a personal bank account;
  • provide travel and other costs including all invoices to the gSmart project office
  • develop an e-portfolio
Throughout the entire study abroad, grantees are required to develop and maintain a personal online portfolio. Such an e-portfolio is a documented collection of works and products completed in classes and other studies-related activities. The portfolio has to be submitted (by declaring the URL) to the gSmart coordinator within one month after the mobility start. 
The portfolio will document individual achievements, competences and skills and could later (optionally) be used to support your resume and job applications. Possible portfolio items are seminar presentations, map designs, software implementations, project results, internship reports etc - typically a blog or web CMS platform will be used facilitating comments and discussions by a wider audience. 

Grantees will contribute after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of Erasmus Mundus in general, and the gSmart programme in particular, in their Higher Education Institution and country of origin. All involved faculty and alumni will be included in the LinkedIn community for continued network integration and involvement.