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Arriving in Europe

Incoming mobilities are managed by the contact person at the host university. This person is designated as liaison with all institutional services, to avoid that individual visitors have to find out how to deal with different frameworks for e.g. visa issuance, admission, housing, language courses, residence and class registration and generally, navigating institutions. Institutional arrangements like ‘welcome days’ and introductory events (library, IT services etc) will be applied to all visitors. The gSmart EU contacts or the International Offices will provide information on semester start and introduction periods for exchange students.

You can be asked to state proof of the purpose of your journey when you enter Schengen countries. Have your letter of acceptance from the university at hand, so that you can show it, when asked. 

Please be aware, this needs to be pre-arranged! Support will be provided by the gSmart EU contact or the International Offices.

Registration in the country
An official registration in host country is necessary; please send a copy (scan) of this official registration document to the gSmart project office. Support will be provided by the gSmart EU contact or the International Offices. 

Registration / Admission at Host University
"Degree Seeking" Grantees/Scholars need to be admitted at a university! Please clarify entry and admission requirements with your EU host. Non-degree grantees need to contact the EU gSmart contact upon arrival! 

Bank account
According to Erasmus Mundus Programme regulations all grantees need to install a local bank account; please send bank details to the gSmart project office and your hosting contact. The grantee must document the receipt of the subsistence allowance with bank account statements (after each semester) to the gSmart project office.