Three documents build the framework for studies at a gSmart host institution:
  1. The GRANT AWARD sets out all rights and duties, e.g. development of an e-portfolio or all periods of absence must be specified in the reporting by the Grantee and reported to the host institution and the coordinator.
  2. The LEARNING AGREEMENT describes the program of study abroad and helps to assure its academic recognition at the home institution.
  3. The TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS will be an individual record, provided by the host institution.
The gSmart EU contact will help with:
  • practical arrangements for the reception of incoming students and scholars in the host institution
  • in particular the assistance for obtaining visa, administrative support, housing facilities, languages courses, support for visa/ residence permit, etc;
  • organize the insurance for incomings together with the coordinator
  • Need to set up a bank account; will receive a monthly grant payment.
  • Health Insurance for Europe (covered and managed by the project).
  • Travel costs: all travel will be booked via one agency, and managed by the coordinator.

General organization and arranging specific events and activities will be shared responsibility between gSmart informations desks available at all partner sites and the institutions' international offices. The programme offices are the designated primary points of contact for incoming students, with the services existing on an institutional level being provided through the international offices.

Students will be provided with a Student handbook for a proper documentation of academic practices, ECTS system, grading systems, residence permit, culture and life in hosting institution, insurance, costs of living, free time etc. 

gSmart student buddy-system network will help incoming exchange students finding their way in their new city as well as with study related issues. Incoming faculty will be introduced to co-teaching facilities aiming at enhancing didactical skills as well as domain knowledge. (Co-) Teaching and supervisory roles and additional pedagogical experience will be outlined in the ltr agreement in additional to research plans. Similarly, for admin mobility an identical document framework will be set up defining objectives, expectations and tasks to be completed during the mobility.