UWH - University of Sopron (West Hungary)

Please note: change of name - UWH had been renamed to University of Sopron on February 1, 2017.

UWH consists of ten faculties is one of the most significant centres of higher education in Transdanubian region. The Faculty of Geoinformatics in Székesfehérvár is a leading institution in academic and professional education on Land Surveying, Geoinformatics and Land Management.

Geoinformatic Programs offered at UWH:
 Level  Name / Term
 Courses  ECTS  Entry requirements  Other
 Bachelor Land Surveying & Land Management Specializations:
- Geoinformatics
- Land management
- Cadastre
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
 NO Bachelor studies at UWH from 2014 onwards!  210  A-level or high school diploma

 Bachelor Public Administration Management 
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
180  A-level or high school diploma
 Master Geoinformatics
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
 Curriculum  120  BSc degree
 4 semesters, module based flexible programme, English language courses (highlighted in the curriculum)
 PhD UWH Kitaibel Pál
PhD School
Environmental sciences, Geoinformatics programme
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)

more information

 180  MSc degree
flexible programme, English language courses
 Post-doc  Thematic specialisation for supervision: Geodesy, GNSS, SDI, Remote Sensing, DEM, Thematic Mapping
 Staff mobility
 Expertise offered to incoming CA staff: project proposal development, joint teaching & research
 Special Offers
 Summer Schools and workshops