UWH - University of West Hungary


UWH consists of ten faculties is one of the most significant centres of higher education in Transdanubian region. The Faculty of Geoinformatics in Székesfehérvár is a leading institution in academic and professional education on Land Surveying, Geoinformatics and Land Management.

Geoinformatic Programs offered at UWH:
 Level  Name / Term
 Courses  ECTS  Entry requirements  Other
 Bachelor Land Surveying & Land Management Specializations:
- Geoinformatics
- Land management
- Cadastre
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
 NO Bachelor studies at UWH from 2014 onwards!  210  A-level or high school diploma

 Bachelor Public Administration Management 
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
180  A-level or high school diploma
 Master Geoinformatics
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)
 Curriculum  120  BSc degree
 4 semesters, module based flexible programme, English language courses (highlighted in the curriculum)
 PhD UWH Kitaibel Pál
PhD School
Environmental sciences, Geoinformatics programme
(Sep – Dec /Feb - May)

more information

 180  MSc degree
flexible programme, English language courses
 Post-doc  Thematic specialisation for supervision: Geodesy, GNSS, SDI, Remote Sensing, DEM, Thematic Mapping
 Staff mobility
 Expertise offered to incoming CA staff: project proposal development, joint teaching & research
 Special Offers
 Summer Schools and workshops