PLUS - University of Salzburg

http://www.uni-salzburg.atPLUS in Austria is a national university meeting the highest standards of teaching and research. Geospatial Science started from 1985, soon as a Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) and promoted to a full Interfaculty Department in 2012. More than 70 faculty and staff in the units GIScience, Integrated Spatial Analysis, Networks & GISociety and Applied Geoinformatics excel in research and successfully address science, business, society and environment.
Geoinformatic Programs offered at PLUS/Z_GIS:
 Level  Name / Term
 Courses/Curriculum  ECTS  Entry requirements  Other
 Bachelor Geography

(Oct 1 -Jan 31/
Mar 1 -Jun 30)
Curriculum 2013 in German
English language program for gSmart scholars!
 A-level or high school diploma
Most courses in German language

 MSc in Geoinformatics  Applied Geoinformatics

(Oct 1 -Jan 31/
Mar 1 -Jun 30)
more information
Curriculum 2013
 120  Bachelor level graduates from ‘spatially oriented disciplines'  2 years residential English language program
 Geoinformatics more information    successful completion of an eligible Master's, Diploma, or Teaching degree
PhD in English language
 Post-doc  Thematic specialisation for supervision: SDI,  Geoinformatics,  Topographic Cartography, Remote Sensing and Image Processing, Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Simulation
 Staff mobility
Expertise offered to incoming CA staff:  web info services, student records management, outreach and marketing, project proposal development, joint teaching & research
 Special Offers
Summer Schools and workshops during the GI_Forum; interdisciplinary conference attracting an international GIScience audience, annualy in the first week in July