CUAS - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
CUAS in Austria stands for future-oriented study programs with best career possibilities and a strong focus on applied academic education and research. Spatial Study programs are "Geoinformation and Environmental Technologies" (Bachelor) and "Spatial Information Management" (Master) with specialization directions in "Geoinformatics" and "Environmental Monitoring & Security Management".  Our research focus is on "GIS & Decision Support", "Location Based Systems Solutions", "Unmanned Aerial Environmental Monitoring" and "Health-GIS". CUAS with its School of Engineering and IT contributes a technology emphasis to the gSmart consortium.
Geoinformatic Programs offered at CUAS:
 Level  Name / Term
 Courses  ECTS  Entry requirements  Other
 Bachelor  "Geoinformation und Umwelttechnologien"
(Oct 1 -Jan 31/
Mar 1 -Jun 30)
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 180  general qualification for university entrance   sufficient German language skills required; English language program for gSmart scholars!
 Master  Spatial Information Management

(Oct 1 -Jan 31/
Mar 1 -Jun 30)
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 Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in technical or natural scientific studies)  2 years program in English language
 Staff mobility
 Expertise offered to incoming CA staff: supporting research with a technical focus; definition and design of research projects as well as joint teaching
 Special offers
  During the summer semester a minimum stay of 3 months for thesis research could be offered