BBU - Babeş-Bolyai University

BBU is the second largest university in Romania aiming to promote and sustain development of specific cultural components within the local, regional, national & international community. The university has 21 faculties and over 1,700 faculty members. BBU conducts education and research of a broad spectrum; from natural sciences to all branches of technology, including architecture, industrial economics, urban planning, work science and environmental technology.

Geoinformatic Programs offered at BBU:
 Level  Name  Courses  ECTS  Entry requirements  Other
 Bachelor  GIS       no English language program available
 Master  GIS       Starting with academic year 2014-2015 BBU will offer a Master Program in English language
 PhD          short term visits
Thematic specialisation where supervision can be offered: GIS, Geomorphology, Hydrology
Staff Mobility
Expertise offered to incoming CA staff: joint teaching and research