"gSmart" Bachelor

gSmart Bachelor level mobility shall typically not exceed one semester, a scholarship can be provided up to a maximum of 5 semesters, 6 semesters at VUA.
At host institutions, participants on BSc level will take part in regular exams, typically in English language, ECTS will be used for documentation and transfer of credit.

gSmart Bachelor Semester
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  • Winter Semester (October 1 - January 31)
  • Summer Semester (March 1 - June 30)
gSmart Bachelor Semester
gSmart Bachelor Semester 
 www.uniwest.hu  gSmart Bachelor Semester - NO Bachelor study offers at UWH from September 2014 onwards!
  • Semester (Sep – Dec / Feb - May)
 www.uma.es no English language program available
 http://www.ubbcluj.ro     no English language program available